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Infant Toddler Development
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On Site Workshops & Seminars:  covering variety of topics, flexiable schedules, flexiale hours Monday - Saturday (for more information call or e-mail)


*    Teacher Training Classes and Consultations:   (call or e-mail to schedule appointments)

*    Perfect for Preschool, Afterschool, Church, Daycare, Academies & Businesses, training & workshops are a great way to keep your staff sharp and up to date with current techniques and information

*    Preschool Settings 0 - K



On Site Workshops, Early Child Care Training, and Seminar Topics

  • Health and Safety
  • Salud y Seguridad
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Bebé sacudido Síndrome
  • Green Toys
  • Juguetes verdes
  • Partnerships with Family and Community
  • Las asociaciones con la Familia y la Comunidad
  • Professionalism
  • El profesionalismo en el Trabajo
  • Classroom Arrangement
  • Arreglo de aula
  • Kids Growth and Development
  • Crecimiento y Desarrollo Infantil
  • Observation and Assessment of Teachers
  • La observación y la Evaluación de Maestros
  • Interpreting Play to Parents
  • El Juego que interpreta a Padres
  • Early Childhood Curriculum Caregiver Programs
  • La Niñez temprana Plan Cuidador Programa
  • Infant Toddlers Rocking Rolling
  • Los Pequeñines del niño que Mecen Arrollar
  • Transitions
  • Transiciones
  • Infant Toddler Art
  • Pequeñín de niño Arte
  • Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Environment for Preschoolers
  • Mantener un Ambiente Sano y Seguro para Preschoolers
  • Outside & Inside Centers
  • centros exteriores e interiores
  • Childcare Transportation Safety
  • seguridad de transporte de guardería
  • and many more topics
  • y muchos más temas


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    To provide essential services, skills, and understanding in a professional manner for new, and experienced teachers, as well as administrators in the early childhood setting.

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    Thank you for all the positive feedback. Please feel free to call or e-mail anytime to schedule onsite Workshops, Seminars, Training classes, or If you have any questions. I'm at your service anytime, thanks again.....R. Randle


  • B.S. in Child Learning and Development - University Texas at Dallas
  • Director - Child Care Administrator Credential from ECMI
  • Master Registered Trainer Certified and Listed with State of Texas TECECDS Agency
  • Teacher
  • Certified Mediator
  • Bonded Notary Public
  • The Learning Accomplishment Profile System: E Lay/Lap 3 Certified Trainer

  • 25+ years experience

    Daycare, Headstart, Preescolar, and Caregiver Training and Workshops
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